30 Day Countdown to A Successful Office Move

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When relocating your office, get a fresh start by making every effort to purge old paperwork, irrelevant files and old equipment. If a new office means new office furniture, then leave the old things behind, and call JUNKBOYS to go in and clear the office out.

JUNKBOYS has helped relieve the stress of many Office Managers in the Greater Toronto Area by providing clean up services as they move from one location to another. We’ll remove old furniture, unneeded files, and anything else left behind (see below for a list of items we are unable to accept*). It doesn’t make sense to pay to have old items moved, plus the added cost of storing them at the new location.

Try to provide your employees with guidance on effectively purging their information, before the big move. Ask them to be diligent about getting rid of:

  • Old technical manuals, magazines, books and vendor catalogs
  • Outdated paperwork
  • Obsolete letterhead, brochures and company manuals
  • Broken office equipment that is beyond being repaired
  • Outdated equipment and furniture that is not worth moving

Designate one room or one area in the office to accumulate the unwanted material and when you’re ready, call JUNKBOYS to get rid of the mess.

* Do be aware that there area certain materials we are not able to accept. These include:

  • Any items containing oil, fuel or gas
  • Any type of medical, biological or feces waste
  • Any types of battery, Including AAA-D
  • Car or motorcycle batteries
  • Cars or Trucks
  • Gasoline cans that are empty
  • Oil drums that are empty
  • Oil furnace
  • Paint cans or solvent cans
  • Kitty litter
  • Propane tanks, full or empty

Our company philosophy is simple: “Provide excellent customer service at competitive rates to our clients, while being socially responsible to the environment“. We recycle whenever possible & donate useable goods we collect to local charities & those less fortunate.

Categories: Commercial
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