Commercial Junk Removal

Our trucks are bigger then the rest. When hauling junk, size matters when you want to save money. With our commercial junk removal services, your employees can focus on what they do best and leave the junk removal to us. We’ve got the trucks and the team to help make your job easier.


Real Estate & Abandoned Properties

JUNK BOYS Real Estate services can help you sell a house faster by helping you take away everything that’s left behind from power of sales or evictions and in situations where removal of clutter & rubbish is required. Real Estate Agents and Brokers rely on our services to help in prepping a house for sale and you don’t have to worry about anything; leave your junk where it is and give us a call, we’ll do the rest. Property Managers also depend on us to promptly clean their properties and have relied on us for years to provide fast, affordable and reliable junk removal. As always we are happy to deliver a broom clean area so our customers can move forward with a sale or bringing in new tenants.  Call us at 416-655-8260 &  or Book Online.

Construction, Restoration & Renovations Junk Removal

JUNK BOYS is well-known and trusted by local property managers and commercial contractors in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to help make their jobs easier. We work with contractors, restoration and renovation companies to efficiently remove junk and debris from job sites that may not be able to accommodate large bins. With our reliable, friendly and affordable pricing, our commercial services are the perfect fit to help your team of skilled workers focus on their tasks to get the job done. Whether you are doing a remodel, a restoration or managing an entire construction site, we have the team to handle the loads. Call us at 416-655-8260  or Book Online.

Property Managers, Office Relocation Junk & Rubbish Removal

Property Management junk removal is one of our specialties. We understand that tenants move and they leave behind some big messes. We work collaboratively with Property and Office Managers to provide professional clean up services when someone moves out or relocates an office. We’ve removed everything from old furniture, computers, file cabinets, unneeded files and outdated equipment including other non-hazardous materials. Call us at 416-655-8260 &  or Book Online.

Bigger Trucks-Bigger Savings

JUNK BOYS will do all the heavy lifting and clean up. We are licensed, insured and we are proud to have clean, well maintained trucks with a uniformed professional crew to ensure a quality of service and standard you deserve. Our fleet of shiny new trucks are on average 25% larger than our competition and our prices are very competitive. That means we can move more junk for the same price as the other guys, saving you money and needing less loads. We can handle all of your junk removal needs from single item jobs to multiple truckload jobs. Our crews are often available for same day junk removal service. Call us at 416-655-8260 &  or Book Online.