Do you have junk stored in your basement? In your garage? Or in your attic? JUNK BOYS friendly uniformed crews gather up junk wherever it’s located. JUNK BOYS will remove almost anything-non hazardous-from old furniture and appliances to yard waste and construction / renovation debris. JUNK BOYS will do all the heavy lifting and cleanup so you don’t have to.

For most items we charge based on volume, the space your junk takes up in our trucks. In some cases special recycling surcharges imposed by your local municipalities may apply to certain items such as appliances or tires. Regardless, our prices are clear and upfront. You’ll never face hidden disposal fees, weight costs, or unexplained surcharges.

For safety reasons, with very dense materials such as concrete, dirt or gravel, JUNK BOYS can load the truck only to a depth of one foot. In these cases, we use our ‘bedload’ rates. Full loads do not exceed one tonne.